Privacy Policy & Conflict of Interest Statement

The Privacy Act 1988 requires medical practitioners to obtain consent from their patients to collect, use and disclose that patient’s personal information. This practice is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information gathered in order to conduct the business of healthcare. This information will be used by the doctors and staff of Perth Cardiovascular Institute for the purpose of delivering the best quality care to you, and there may be occasions where the information is disclosed to other health professionals. You will be made aware of these situations through the discussions with your Doctor. Information collected about the medical history of your family is necessary to provide appropriate medical care to you. If you wish to access your personal information or require any further information on our privacy policy please contact our office staff. We take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is accurate, complete and up to date, whenever we collect or use it. Please let us know immediately if the personal information we hold about you is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date.

In line with good medical practice, we provide the following statement on potential conflicts of interest for your information:
A conflict of interest exists when a person entrusted with the interests of a patient, other individuals or the public violates that trust by promoting their own interests or the interests of third parties. Conflicts of interest may be financial, professional, personal, ethical, moral or religious. A conflict of interest exists when such interests compromise known obligations and interfere with objective professional judgment. Doctors must resolve such conflicts in accordance with the best interests of the patient. As leaders in the field of cardiovascular medicine our doctors have relationships with numerous hospital, pharmaceutical, medical device and service provision companies. From time to time they serve on advisory boards, provide expert opinion and perform research for companies and institutions. Some of these activities are financially rewarded and many of our doctors, their families or their superannuation funds have financial interests in medical facilities including but not limited to the Perth Cardiovascular Institute, Envision, SKG, and Clinipath. These relationships do not affect the way they prescribe for, treat or refer patients. Our doctors always act in the patients’ best interests when making referrals and when providing or arranging care. We do not allow any financial or commercial interest in a hospital, other health care organization, or company providing health care services or products to affect the way in which we treat patients.